We look at your company, at what you are saying, and how you are presenting yourself. We want to know where you’ve been and where you want to go. We take all of this information, and through a process of divergent and convergent thinking, we offer visually cohesive and creative solutions that give you a versatile platform in which to tell your company’s story. Here are some of the tools we use:

> Graphic Design
> Branding
> Web Design
> Art Direction
> Web Advertising


With business today, your design needs may span across many different types of media or platforms, and rarely can one company do it all. Hello Public is fortunate to have partnered with many different vendors and service providers. We bring only experts to the table. Here are some of the the services we provide with the help of Edmonton’s best and brightest:

> Web Development
> Illustration
> Promotions and Apparel
> Photography
> Copy Writing